Dinizismo returned the magic to footballFluminense matches are never boring

Dinizismo returned the magic to football

Dinizismo is the complete opposite of what Pep Guardiola has patented in modern football. The Spanish coach bases his tactics on discipline and crazy combinations. He applied that tactic in Barcelona, ​​then in Bayern, and it seems that he brought it to perfection in Manchester City, with whom he finally won the Champions League last season.

Hundreds of coaches are trying to copy him, but not Fernando Diniz, who with his dinizismo brought a revolution in modern football and brought excellent results to the team he led. Fluminense plays a little weaker in the Brazilian championship, but everyone is waiting for the big final with Boca Juniors, and in the league, they hope that dinizismo will bring me a new place in the Copa Libertadores.

The very fact that dinizismo is a tactic without tactics makes it impossible to read it. In certain stages of the game, Diniz abandons any formation and it all boils down to the improvisation of the players and the chemistry between them. The Fluminense coach bases his dinizismo on asking his players to gather at key moments and play in a small space.

He wants his players to make as many quick and precise passes, dribbling and improvisation as possible to win the field. Mistakes are not allowed in this type of game and any small mistake, especially in front of an own goal, creates a serious problem. For the survival of dinizismo, it is very important that the team that applies it defends itself in the right way. It is necessary to run constantly, to press and for players to cover each other.

We can safely say that Diniz brought back what was once popularly called Joga Bonito, something that would be similar to dinizismo. The fans completely forgot about that football in an era where much is based on tactical discipline and little on creativity. Sports magic full of dribbling is rarely seen today.

Fluminense matches are never boring

Very few players today dare to dribble because it potentially leads to a mistake that can be disastrous for the team and no one wants to take that risk. Perhaps this is exactly one of the reasons why Brazil has not had a world title for more than two decades, and the big question is whether it will achieve it in 2026.

Dinizismo returned football with the classic ten that Ronaldinho and Kaka once represented in Brazil in that player’s Fluminense represents Ganso who did not become famous in Europe but experienced a second youth in Fluminense. It took a long time for dinizismo to take root, considering that Diniz came to Fluminense in April last year. It took a whole season for dinizismo to take root.

What can be said for sure about Fluminense is that this team does not play boring football and that is what attracts fans to the stadium. Fluminense last played 0-0 in the derby against Flamengo on July 16 after which they played 17 games in all competitions and 15 games saw 2 or more goals. The moment from the game against Corinthians from last season is especially memorable.

It was 20 minutes into the game when Fluminense got a goal out. He was about to start the action and suddenly several players started running in a circle. It was a classic example of dinizismo or a tactic to confuse the opponent. It did not bring a goal, but Corinthians failed to fight the chaos and was defeated 0-2. Type in dinizismo on YouTube and you’ll see tons of hilarious videos showing the essence of this tactic.

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