Eden Hazard put an end to his careerThe glory days at Chelsea and the sad episode at Real MadridRealized his dreams and retired

Eden Hazard put an end to his career

Eden Hazard has decided to end his career after his contract with Real Madrid expired this summer. He was expected to be the main player in the royal club, but in the end, it turned out to be his infamous and also the last episode of his career. It was speculated that he could still continue his career in another club after leaving Real, but obviously, no one wanted to take a risk with a player who has been completely out of rhythm for several seasons.

From the moment he arrived in Madrid, it was clear that things would not go well for Eden Hazard. It seemed that he should have moved to Real much earlier and he eventually arrived at the Santiago Bernabeu when he was already fed up with football because he certainly wouldn’t have joined the mentioned team in a terrible physical condition.

The glory days at Chelsea and the sad episode at Real Madrid

Eden Hazard spent seven great years at Chelsea and with that team, he won two championship titles in the Premier League as well as two trophies in the Europa League. After the most famous episode in his career, a terrible one will follow. Eden Hazard moved from England to Spain and put on the Real Madrid shirt. Hazard is a short player with only 175 cm, and he came to the first preparations in the royal team with 12 extra kilograms.

It’s simply unbelievable what a professional footballer allowed himself, and that move will largely determine the rest of his stay in Madrid during which he showed almost nothing. Eden Hazard’s role in winning two championship titles and one Champions League trophy was miserable. We don’t know what would have happened if Hazard hadn’t had huge problems with injuries, but from the start, everything smelled like the Belgian player’s infamous episode in Madrid.

Hazard was thus another player who was swallowed up by one of the biggest clubs in the world. Real Madrid spent a total of 207 million euros on Eden Hazard if you count over 100,000,000 million for his arrival and the money set aside for his salary. He earned 23 million euros per year, and in four seasons in Madrid, he only played 76 games.

Eden Hazard has only started 24 games in La Liga since the start, and believe it or not, he did not play a single game against Barcelona. He recorded a performance of seven goals and 12 assists. That would probably be a good performance for an average player, but a player who was brought in for 115 million euros had to give a lot more on the field.

Realized his dreams and retired

After ending his spell with Real Madrid this summer, most football fans expected him to retire, which speaks volumes for Eden Hazard’s attitude towards football over the past few years. He ended his career at the age of 32. In addition to Real Madrid and Chelsea, he also played for Lille, which he joined at the age of 14.

He won championships in every league he played in, but much more was expected of him, although many players would have been content to achieve only a fraction of what he achieved, even though it paled in comparison to his enormous potential. He played for the Belgian national team, for which he played over 120 games, and his generation failed to win a major title. Hazard said goodbye to the fans on social networks with the following words:

“A person must listen to himself and say ‘stop’ at the right time. After 16 years and more than 700 games played, I decided to end my career as a professional soccer player. I was able to realize my dream, I played and had fun in many courts around the world. During my career I have been lucky enough to meet great managers, coaches and teammates – thank you all for these great times, I will miss you all”.

“I also want to thank the clubs I played for: Lille, Chelsea and Real Madrid; and thanks to my Belgium and the Football Association of my country. Special thanks to my family, my friends, my advisors and the people who have been close to me in good times and bad. Finally, a big thank you to you, my fans, who have followed me all these years and encouraged me wherever I played. Now it’s time to enjoy my loved ones and experience new experiences. See you soon off the field, my friends.”

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