AC Milan vs Liverpool (2005)Borussia Dortmund vs Juventus (1997)Steaua Bucharest vs Barcelona (1986)Bayern Munich vs Chelsea (2012)AC Milan vs Barcelona (1994)Final Thoughts on Champions League qualifications results

Here are the most memorable final-game defeats in the history of the Champions League.

AC Milan vs Liverpool (2005)

What was dubbed as the ‘Miracle of Istanbul’ was 18 years ago, and it seems fitting that the final match of this year’s Champions League will go back to the Ataturk Stadium. This upcoming match will be helmed again by an Italian and English side, AC Milan and Liverpool.

While the glorious moment at Ataturk seems ages ago, the ball this year is on the home court of the English side. Liverpool was deemed the biggest favourite to win the match this year, according to the pundits. At the same time, AC Milan, with a powerhouse cast, was expected to win the final game during the 2005 edition finals against Liverpool.

AC Milan had an exciting roster of players during that night that included Paolo Maldini, Kaka, Cafu, Andrea Pirlo, and Clarence Seedorf. Meanwhile, the Reds utilised the power and skills of Djimi Traore and Steve Finnan. 

During that time, Milan was leading the game with a 3-0 score, while the Reds came back with a vengeance after halftime, levelling out the game between the two football sides. In the end, the Englishmen won the match, thanks to the decisive leg of Jerzy Dudek.

Borussia Dortmund vs Juventus (1997)

Borussia Dortmund had only initially received qualifications four different times for both the European Cup and the Champions League before the 1996/97 edition, where they basked into a smooth tournament run all the way to the Champions League qualifications results.

During the finals, they brushed up against Champions League title-holders Juventus, who are still flaunting their crown after their victorious match during the last season of the tournament. The Italian team had included top names on their roster, with the likes of Zinedine Zidane, Alen Boksic, and Christian Vieri in the summer transfer season. 

Dortmund was a predominantly homegrown team that featured Paulo Sousa and Paul Lambert in the midfield section. As a result, the team was good on paper, only to get a 2-0 lead in the first half of the match with the help of the score made by Heinz Riedle.

Initially, Juve’s Alessandro Del Piero was dominating the match for the team. However, Lars Ricken turned the tables and scored his first goal, which sealed the first victory of Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League.

Steaua Bucharest vs Barcelona (1986)

We all know how hugely successful Barcelona was in most of their Champions League qualifications results in the European football tournaments. However, the Spanish team has their fair share of upsets, too, with the 1989 final considered the most detrimental and unforgettable.

It was expected for Terry Venables’ Barcelona side to crush their Romanian rivals Steaua Bucharest’s chances of winning the match. Meanwhile, the visiting team were aiming to be the first football team from the Eastern Bloc to win the European tournament. 

Additionally, Barca has a better side on the facade; plus, the team has an advantage to dominate the game because the match is being played in a Spanish location in Seville. 

However, the night didn’t go as planned, as Barca’s strikers couldn’t get past the all-seeing watch of Steaua’s goalie Helmuth Duckadam. 

In the end, Duckadam kept a solid performance and then saved all of the four penalty kicks of Barcelona during the shootout. The feat deemed him a nickname in football as the ‘Hero of Seville’.

Bayern Munich vs Chelsea (2012)

Chelsea and Bayern MUNICH CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Match 2012

It seemed like luck was on the side of Bayern Munich during the 2012 edition of the Champions League when they won their fifth European title at their home stadium, the Allianz Arena. They defeated the Chelsea team, who has been helmed by the unseasoned Roberto Di Matteo and have only played the Champions League qualifications results twice.

Bayern was considered the first side to have a home-ground advantage for a final match since 1984 and have been the favourites to win. During that time, the team seemed to have lost their confidence without the presence of Ramires, John Terry, and Branislav Ivanovic due to injuries and suspensions endured along the way.

At first, the German side dominated the tournament but only made a significant success during the 83rd minute with the help of Arjen Robben. When they have thought their luck would not run out, they changed their tactics, which allowed Didier Drogba to level the game in a matter of two minutes.

Drogba finally won a penalty that would allow him to complete his redemption arc from his red card debacle in the 2008 final. He managed to provide Chelsea with their first-ever Champions League trophy.

AC Milan vs Barcelona (1994)

It was anticipated that Barcelona would take their second Champions League title in the 1994 edition. That time, team manager Johan Cruyff developed a solid team that had won four La Liga championship titles consecutively. 

The expectation of a Barca victory was solidified when they learned that Milan would play without the presence of their top performers, such as Marco van Basten, Gianluigi Lentini, Franco Baresi, and Alessandro Costacurta, for the final game. Additionally, Milan had also been defeated in the finals of the previous edition.

What happened next was one of the biggest comebacks in the history of Champions League qualifications results. Danielle Massaro had a back-to-back goal, while Marcel Desailly and Dejan Savicevic scored respectively to seal the victory of the Italian side over Barca.

Final Thoughts on Champions League qualifications results

The Champions League final match is the culmination of the series of games conducted to determine the overall winners of the European football tournament. It is no surprise that all eyes were fixed on both the teams set to clash in that game. Indeed, losses are as significant as victories in Europe’s most elite club football competition.

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