One win for San MarinoThe last place in the FIFA rankings

Three years later, a local football association was formed. In 1937, the first football competition was held in San Marino. The league was created many years later, only in 1985. FIFA and UEFA introduced San Marino into their associations in 1988, and since then this small country has appeared in the qualifications for major competitions. The first qualifying match was played on November 14, 1990. Switzerland won 4:0.

One win for San Marino

Since then, San Marino has achieved 80 defeats and one draw in 81 matches in the European Championship qualifiers. In the qualifiers for the World Cup, San Marino conceded 356 goals and scored only 12 goals. In 76 matches, he lost 74 times and drew twice. 0-0 at home to Turkey in March 1993 in 1994 World Cup qualifiers and 1-1 with Latvia in Riga in April 2001 in 2002 World Cup qualifiers.

In 32 years of competition, this national team has only had 20 different scorers. The last goal for this country was scored by Lorenzo Lazari on November 17 last year, in a 1:1 draw against Saint Lucia. It was the only goal that San Marino scored in the last 14 games played. In the game against the 172nd national team of the world, against which San Marino faced again three days later and lost 0:1.

In 201 games, qualifiers and friendlies, San Marino scored 28 goals and conceded as many as 820. With nine draws and 191 defeats, they won just once. The biggest success can be considered a draw against Turkey in the qualifiers for the 1994 World Cup when there were no goals in that match. The historic moment of this country happened on April 28, 2004 in a friendly match against Liechtenstein, when the first and only victory was recorded with 1:0.

The coach was Giampaolo Mazza, who was in this role for 15 years (from 1998 to 2013), and the match was played at the Stadio Olimpico di San Marino. The goal for the historic victory, almost 20 years ago, was scored by Andy Selva from a free kick in the fourth minute. By the way, Selva is the top scorer in the history of San Marino with only eight goals in 73 appearances.

The last place in the FIFA rankings

Manuel Marani, who is second on the list of scorers, is the only footballer of this national team, besides the record holder Selva, who has scored more than one goal for the national team. San Marino concedes an average of over four goals per game. Scoring a goal in this national team is celebrated as winning the lottery, which could be seen when, in the qualifying match for UEFA Euro 2016, San Marino scored the first away goal in fourteen years against Lithuania.

The most convincing defeat of this national team was against Germany at home in the qualifiers for UEFA Euro 2008 when they were defeated 0-13. San Marino has been considered the worst football team in the world for years. At the moment, it is officially so. It is ranked 208th, the last place in the FIFA power rankings.

San Marino has been in that place for almost nine years, and for a time it shared it with the Asian kingdom of Bhutan. The highest ranking of this national team was in September 1993, when it took 118th place. The way in which the people of this country responded to the calls of Thomas Muller, who considered the games against San Marino meaningless for the public, is particularly memorable. He received a ten-point answer, and a particularly witty remark was that Miller will always remain a man who wears sandals over white socks under the most beautiful Adidas tracksuits.

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