European champion in the fourth potSwitzerland did not shine, but still qualified for the EuroSerbia after almost two and a half decades to the EuroThree more national teams are waiting

European champion in the fourth pot

Italy is the current champion of Europe and this national team will defend the title in Germany. The defending champions will only be in the fourth pot of the draw, given that they finished the qualifiers among the lower-ranked teams that finished the group stage in second place. It was clear even before the last round that Italy would be placed in the fourth pot. Italy qualified for the Euros with a goalless draw against Ukraine, who will have a second chance through the playoffs.

At the last Euro, Italy surprised the whole of Europe by winning the title, especially since it came to the Euro after being absent from the World Cup in 2018. This national team did not participate in the previous World Cup either, and almost missed being without the Euro.

Who knows what would have happened if Ukraine had been awarded a penalty in the end. Then Italy would also have to play in the playoffs. One legend of Italian football was replaced by another, so instead of Mancini, Spalletti sat on the bench. Italy is in the fourth pot, but that does not necessarily mean that it will get the toughest possible rivals, and we will see how lucky Italy will be at the draw. In addition to the previous one, the Italians also won Euro 1968.

Switzerland did not shine, but still qualified for the Euro

Switzerland is another national team that will be placed in the fourth pot in the draw, having achieved a good result at the last Euro. At that championship, Switzerland eliminated the current world champion France in the round of 16, and finally finished the competition in the next round against Spain.

In the past almost two decades, Switzerland has missed out on only one major competition. This national team did not make a name for itself in the previous qualifiers, which is why it is only in the fourth pot of the draw. Switzerland achieved only four victories, but in the end it was enough for second place in the group behind Romania.

The result that Switzerland made at the previous Euro is also their biggest success in the history of this competition. Switzerland will participate in the Euro for the sixth time, and for sure, Switzerland will not be an easy rival for anyone and could be a potential mine for all teams since it comes from the fourth pot.

Serbia after almost two and a half decades to the Euro

The last known name of the national team in the fourth pot is Serbia, which after almost two and a half decades will participate in the Euro. The last time Serbia participated in the Euro was back in 2000, and then it experienced a convincing defeat by the Netherlands 1-6 in the quarter-finals.

This national team was vice champion of Europe twice, but that was during the sixties of the last century. Serbia did not have an overly difficult group in the qualifiers and the fans believed that this national team could finally secure a place at the Euros. That happened in the end, although again it was not easy. Serbia was defeated twice by Hungary and failed to overcome one of the weakest national teams in Europe, Bulgaria, in both matches.

Two victories against Montenegro and Lithuania were enough for the first trip to the Euro after 24 years of waiting. The placement at the Euro is already a great success for this national team, and we will see how lucky Serbia will be in the draw considering that it is placed in the fourth pot because it could potentially get a very hellish group. It will be especially interesting if Serbia gets Albania or Croatia as rivals, or both of those national teams, because the delicate relations between these countries are very well known.

Three more national teams are waiting

The fourth pot is the only one in the draw that will not be complete, because three more national teams are waiting to secure placement at the Euros through the playoffs. Unlike the other national teams, which are divided into pots based on their placement in the qualifiers, it was known even before the draw that the winners of the playoffs would be placed in the fourth pot. We already wrote in one of the articles how the pairs in all three leagues in the UEFA Nations League playoffs look like.

As for the A League, Poland should have the best chance, but neither Wales nor Finland should be underestimated. Estonia, which has not won a single game in the qualifiers, objectively has little chance. The first favorite in the B League is Ukraine, which will meet Bosnia and Herzegovina at the start, which did not make a name for itself in the qualifiers, and the winner of that match will face off against the winner of the Israel-Iceland match.

In the fourth pot, as the last team, there is the winner of the C League, in which the best chances should be given to Greece, although Kazakhstan and Luxembourg, who played very well in the qualifiers, should not be underestimated either. There is also Georgia, which played in the playoffs last time as well, but was defeated by North Macedonia in the final, so that national team went to the Euro.

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