UEFA Euro 2028 in Great Britain and IrelandUEFA Euro 2032 in Italy and Turkey

After Germany, which will chase the title of European champion next summer, UEFA Euro 2028 will be organized by two island countries. We will watch matches in this competition in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

UEFA Euro 2028 in Great Britain and Ireland

The best European national teams at UEFA Euro 2028 will play matches in nine cities: Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Dublin, Glasgow, London, Manchester and Newcastle. It is expected that the final will be held at Wembley. It will be another great opportunity for England to bring football home on home soil, although we will see if they can finally reach the European title four years ago in Germany.

Several other countries have shown interest in organizing UEFA Euro 2028. Spain and Portugal wanted to organize this competition jointly. We could potentially watch UEFA Euro 2028 in the far north of Europe as Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Norway, and Sweden were interested in organizing the competition.

The last people interested in organizing the competition were from Southeastern Europe, in the form of Serbia, Romania, Greece, and Bulgaria. In the end, the official candidacy for organizing UEFA Euro 2028 was submitted only by Great Britain and Ireland, which means that they did not have any real rival that would prevent them from organizing this great competition.

UEFA Euro 2028 will be the eighteenth edition of this prestigious competition. As usual, the tournament will be held from mid-June to mid-July. England will have the opportunity to host the UEFA Euro for the third time after hosting in 1996 and 2020. Two years ago we also watched the UEFA Euro matches in Scotland as Glasgow was one of the hosts, while the remaining three countries will play matches for the first time UEFA Euro. As in the last few UEFA Euros, the 24 best European national teams will again participate.

UEFA Euro 2032 in Italy and Turkey

Four years later after UEFA Euro 2028, UEFA Euro will be hosted by Italy and Turkey. Turkey was otherwise interested in the organization of UEFA Euro 2028 and submitted an official bid, but ultimately withdrew it a week ago and decided to focus on UEFA Euro 2032.

Russia also submitted a bid to host this Euro, but for well-known reasons and military intervention in Ukraine, Russia dropped out of the game. The last candidate for the organization of UEFA Euro 2032 was Italy, but in the end, the Italians decided to submit a joint candidacy with the Turks, so there was no fight for the organization of the tournament here either.

Italy and Turkey have designated 20 stadiums that could potentially host the best European national teams, but only 10 will be in use, five stadiums each in both countries, and we should find out which stadiums they will be in 2026. Italy will be for the fourth time host because the best European national team hosted in 1968, 1980, and 2020.

Turkey has been wanting to organize the UEFA Euro for years and finally got its chance. If we take into account both Euros, we will watch matches in countries that have already had the opportunity to organize Euros, and there are some new countries on the other side, so we can say that UEFA made a good mix. There is a lot of time before these competitions, and surely we are all looking forward to UEFA Euro next summer, where the title will be defended by the host of UEFA Euro 2032, Italy.

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