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Behind the Scenes of UEFA Euro 2024 Athlete Prep

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As UEFA Euro 2024 approaches, Europe's finest footballers are set to showcase their prowess in Germany. Nutrition, training, and recovery remain pivotal in their quest for glory.

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Nutrition isn't just health; it's vital for peak performance. After Eden Hazard's challenges post-Chelsea, UEFA's nutrition project, led by James Collins and Dr. Alan McCall, highlights this crucial aspect.

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Matchday and training nutrition are crucial. It's all about balancing carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, alongside vital micronutrients, for maintaining energy, health, and optimal body composition.

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Euro 2024 caters to diverse diets, especially during events like Ramadan. Tailored diets and training reduce injury risks, ensuring players' optimal support.

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Training is non-negotiable. Just look at Mbappe's speed and agility! Players undergo rigorous daily routines, focusing on physical, technical, tactical, and mental improvements.

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Training isn't just physical—it's mental too. Right psychological preparation can be the difference in high-stakes matches, like penalty shootouts.

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Recovery is as crucial as the game itself. Modern methods like cryotherapy and water therapy, alongside traditional massages, play a key role in keeping players at their best..

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