Unraveling the Controversies: UEFA Euro 2024 

Germany won hosting rights with 12 votes, while Turkey got 4. Doubts loom over Germany's legitimacy due to past scandals during the 2014 World Cup, sparking a rivalry from then.

The Controversial Decision

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2006 World Cup: Controversial Prelude

UEFA Euro 2024 controversies stem from Germany's 2006 World Cup. Corruption allegations tainted the selection, exposing disputed transactions of 7M euros, spotlighting the nation's tarnished record.

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Infrastructure Dilemma

Germany's superior infrastructure secured the Euro over Turkey. Questions arose on fairness as Germany had operational venues while Turkey had three unfinished ones despite having time. Concerns were also raised on older German stadiums.

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A Tale of Stadiums

Turkey boasts modern stadiums, the oldest from 2002, regularly renovated. German stadiums were last renovated for the 2006 World Cup, with few updates since. Turkey's multiple city airports and ease of transportation questioned the favor in Germany as host.

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Germany excels in human rights but faces racism, notably in its football team. Players with diverse backgrounds, like Ozil, accused the German Football Association of racism, leading to his exit post-2018 World Cup.

The Ozil Controversy

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Security Concerns and Beyond

Turkey's security issues, terrorist attacks, political turmoil, and restricted civil liberties led to its exclusion as a host. Threats to the rule of law and constraints on alcohol and web services also hindered its candidacy.

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