Fagioli and His Harrowing Tale of Debt and Threats

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Fagioli's confession spills shocking details, implicating others in Serie A. From his seven-month suspension to his hefty 12,500 euros fine.

In a staggering revelation, Fagioli shares his descent into gambling addiction. Despite his Juventus stature, boredom led him into a spiral of debt-induced stress.

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From Thrills to Debts of Fagioli

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Sandro Tonali, once a Milan star, introduced Fagioli to the world of illegal gambling. Their alliance spiraled into debt, triggering Fagioli's downward spiral.

Fagioli's breaking point arrives during a match against Sassuolo. Tears flow not from the substitution, but from the weight of his debts, peaking at a staggering 2.7 million euros.

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The Tipping Point: March-April 2023

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Desperation drives Fagioli to borrow hefty sums from Federico Gatti and Radu Dragusin. Threats of violence loom large as debt collectors haunt his every moment.

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"I didn’t sleep at night. Debt collectors told me they were going to break my legs."  - Fagioli 

Despite the darkness, Fagioli vows to repay his debts and confront his addiction. His journey serves as a cautionary tale, shedding light on the perils of unchecked gambling.

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Redemption  and Resolve