Fussballliebe – The Heart of UEFA Euro 2024

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Experience the magic of Fussballliebe, the official match ball of UEFA Euro 2024!

Fussballliebe introduces Connected Ball Technology, which provides real-time ball movement insights to enhance the game.

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Innovation Meets Tradition

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Designed by Adidas, Fussballliebe's vibrant colors symbolize unity, reflecting the tournament's joy and Germany’s diverse spirit.

Crafted from recycled materials, Fussballliebe reflects UEFA Euro 2024's sustainability commitment, setting a new standard for match balls.

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Fussballliebe Sustainability

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The ball's CT-CORE design ensures accuracy and consistency, supporting precise, fast play and elevating the competition.

Illustrations of host cities and stadiums adorn the Fussballliebe, celebrating the unity of 24 national teams.

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Symbol of Unity

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A portion of Fussballliebe sales supports Common Goal, Juan Mata's charity using football to address social issues.

From Telstar to Fussballliebe, UEFA Euro match balls have evolved. Fussballliebe continues this legacy for UEFA Euro 2024.

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Fussballliebe: A Legacy in the Making