UEFA Euro 2024 Host City: Gelsenkirchen

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Explore Gelsenkirchen, a UEFA Euro 2024 host city known for its mining history and unique attractions for football fans.

Visit Alma Park, Gelsenkirchen's largest indoor amusement park. With escape rooms, paintball, and laser tag, it's the perfect place for fun before the game.

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Alma Park in Gelsenkirchen

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Explore Zoom Erlebniswelt, a modern zoo with Alaska, Africa, and Asia zones!

Tour Schloss Horst, a stunning Renaissance palace from the 16th century. Discover its rich history and beautiful architecture in Gelsenkirchen.

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Schloss Horst:  A Gelsenkirchen Gem

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Visit Schloss Berge, a 13th-century castle hotel with a park and summer music festivals.

Stroll through Nordsternpark, a former coal mine turned park. Explore the 60-meter mining tunnel and enjoy the annual heavy metal festival in May.

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Nordsternpark:  Mining Heritage

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Unearth history near Gelsenkirchen: Zeche Zollverein, a stunning UNESCO coal mine.

Hike Halde Rheinelbe and Rungenberg are monuments to Gelsenkirchen’s mining past. Climb the Ladder to Heaven and see Rungenberg's rusty reflectors.

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Halde Rheinelbe and Rungenberg

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Live the movies! Gelsenkirchen's park offers 7 zones, 4D cinema & Walking Dead chills.

Cheer for Schalke, Gelsenkirchen's iconic football club, at the Veltins Arena, where over 62,000 fans passionately support their team.

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Gelsenkirchen’s Football Pride