Highest-Paid Players: Football's Richest Stars

Neymar, headed to Saudi Arabia from PSG, earns $80 million annually, backed by $32 million from endorsements with Puma, Red Bull, and Konami.

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Second Highest-Paid: Neymar

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Mbappe's $90 million contract with PSG, supplemented by $20 million from endorsements, paints a picture of future dominance.

Real Madrid's former standout, Benzema, now finds himself in Saudi Arabia with Al Ittihad, securing a $100 million yearly salary.

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Fourth Highest-Paid: Karim Benzema

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Erling Haaland, hailed as perhaps the finest striker worldwide, claims the sixth spot with an impressive $58 million annually.

Mohamed Salah trails closely behind Haaland, earning $5 million less annually than the Norwegian sensation. Despite this gap, Salah's impact on the pitch remains undeniable.

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Fifth Highest-Paid: Mohamed Salah

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Sadio Mane, joining the ranks in Saudi Arabia, commands an annual income surpassing $50 million. 

Kevin de Bruyne secures his place among football's top earners with a respectable $39 million annually. His contributions both on and off the field solidify his status as a footballing icon.

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Sixth Highest-Paid: Kevin de Bruyne

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Harry Kane rounds out the top earners, boasting an annual income of $36 million.