Euro Matches Football Icons With the Most Instagram Followers

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With 56 million fans, Paul Pogba shines both on Euro matches and on your feed, despite recent hurdles.

The age-defying striker boasts more than 50 million followers. His timeless fitness and bold persona make him a social media powerhouse.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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Real Madrid's most decorated defender, Marcelo, captivates 60 million fans with his dynamic play in Euro matches and charisma.

Despite recent challenges, this winger has attracted more than 40 million followers with his engaging online presence.

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Gareth Bale

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From Bundesliga to Olympiacos, James Rodriguez has charmed 50 million fans worldwide with his stellar performances.

Transitioning to PSG between Euro matches brought more than 60 million followers along for his journey in the French top league.

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Sergio Ramos

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At only 24, Kylian Mbappe has captivated 90 million followers with his rapid rise and riveting World Cup performances.

With more than 199 million followers, his thrilling playstyle and star power in Euro matches shine brightly in European tournaments.

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Neymar: Brazilian Dynamo