UEFA Euro 2024 Host City - Stuttgart

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Welcome to Stuttgart, Germany's automotive hub and a cultural gem!

As the heart of the automotive industry, Stuttgart boasts the production sites of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, shaping the city's identity.

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Stuttgart Rule the Roads

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Explore the rich history of Mercedes-Benz at the renowned museum, showcasing over 1,500 exhibits.

Step into the future at the futuristic Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, where iconic racing cars and German design innovation take center stage.

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Porsche Museum Experience

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Indulge in Swabian cuisine, renowned worldwide for their hearty dishes and exquisite wines.

Witness the stunning architecture and history of the monastery church, a testament to Stuttgart's rich cultural heritage.

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Monastery Church Majesty

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Experience the grandeur of Schlossplatz, Stuttgart's central square adorned with fountains, gardens, and the New Palace.

Stroll along King's Street, Europe's longest pedestrian zone, teeming with shops, stalls, and vibrant energy, welcoming visitors with open arms.

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King's Street Extravaganza