In the world of football, women have been making their mark, striving for equality alongside men. One shining example of this progress occurred last summer when the UEFA Women's Euro took center stage in England.

Women's Impact on UEFA Euro

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England's Historic Triumph

The host team, England, made history by winning the title, surpassing their male counterparts who had fallen short just a year earlier. A historic final at Wembley saw England triumph over Germany with a thrilling 2-1 victory.

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Unprecedented Attendance

What made the English victory even sweeter was the record-breaking attendance, with 87,192 passionate fans in the stands. Compare that to the previous year, where security concerns led to 20,000 fewer attendees in the men's competition.

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Rising Star: Stephanie Frappart

The evolution of women's roles in men's football has been evident in recent years. Female referees now grace the field and even the center, a sight that was nearly unimaginable not too long ago.

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Stephanie Frappart, a top female referee, made history in April 2019 by officiating men's matches in Ligue 1 and becoming the first woman to referee a UEFA men's competition during the Liverpool vs. Chelsea UEFA Super Cup.

Pioneering Female Referee

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Leading the Way at the Qatar World Cup

Stephanie Frappart made history leading as head referee in Qatar's World Cup, building on her past officiating men's World Cup qualifiers, consistently breaking barriers.

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All-Female Refereeing Team at the World Cup

At the World Cup, Frappart was joined by Neuza Back and Karen Diaz Medina, marking the first-ever all-female refereeing team in a men's World Cup match. This remarkable trio showcased the growing presence of women in football officiating.

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Frappart's bright career hints at her leading a UEFA Euro match soon, continuing the trend of women shining in football. With trailblazers like Frappart, Mukansanga, and Yamashita, the first female referee at the European Championship is inevitable.

Future Milestones

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