UEFA Euro 2024 Draw: Pots Preview 

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Germany hosts with hopes high, joined by football giants like Portugal and France, setting a tough stage.

10 wins, 36 goals scored, and only 2 conceded throughout the run for UEFA Euro 2024 draw. A formidable force ready for the Euro showdown!

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Portugal's  Perfect Run

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From Albania's unexpected rise to Romania's unbeaten streak, the draw's middle tier is packed with potential.

Croatia and Scotland battle from the third pot in the UEFA Euro 2024 draw. Their journey to Germany has been anything but smooth.

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Underdogs in the Mix

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The defending champs, Italy, face a tough road from the fourth pot. Can they repeat their glorious victory?

March's matches decide the final contenders for the UEFA Euro 2024 draw. Poland, Estonia, and more vie for their Euro dreams.

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Playoff Drama