UEFA Euro 2024 Group D Overview

UEFA Euro 2024 Group D brings together France, the Netherlands, Austria, and a playoff winner. Expect fierce competition as these top teams battle for supremacy!

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Powerhouse Teams in Group D

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Group D kicks off on June 16 with the Netherlands vs playoff winner in Hamburg. Key matches continue through June 25!

UEFA Euro 2024 Group D opens with the Netherlands facing the playoff winner in Hamburg. The Dutch aim to start strong and set the tone for their Euro campaign!

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Netherlands vs Playoff Winner

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Austria takes on France in Düsseldorf on June 17. France, a top contender, faces a resilient Austrian team in a thrilling encounter.

Don’t miss the Netherlands vs France clash in Leipzig on June 21. This match could determine the group’s top spot as these football giants go head-to-head!

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Key UEFA Euro 2024 Group D Matches

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Group D wraps up on June 25 with the Netherlands vs Austria in Berlin and France vs playoff winner in Dortmund.

From Hamburg’s Volksparkstadion to Berlin’s Olympiastadion, UEFA Euro 2024 Group D matches unfold in Germany’s premier stadiums.

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Group D Stadiums