UEFA Euro 2024 Host City - Hamburg

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Welcome to Hamburg! Known as Europe's greenest city and a top port, Hamburg is set to dazzle Euro 2024 fans.

Explore Hamburg's waterways, boasting more bridges than Venice, Amsterdam, and London combined!

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Venice of the North

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Immerse yourself in the diversity of Hamburg, home to 185 nations and a bustling global port.

Visit the historic Hamburger Hafen, see the world's goods in motion, and stroll the sandy beaches.

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Hamburg's  Maritime Heart

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Experience the Reeperbahn, Hamburg’s vibrant nightlife hub with its infamous array of entertainment options.

Trace the footsteps of the Beatles in St. Pauli, where the legendary band's career took off.

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Beatles’ German Roots

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Dive into maritime legacies at Övelgönne Museum Ship Harbor and the intriguing BallinStadt emigration museum.