UEFA Euro 2024 Play-Offs: Battle for Final Spots

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UEFA Euro 2024 qualifiers set the stage for thrilling play-offs. Three more spots in Germany await the victors!

Despite disappointing qualifiers, Poland eyes redemption through play-offs. Their lackluster performance saw them struggle against Moldova.

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Poland's Second Chance in Play-Offs

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Poland, facing Estonia, aims for a spot in the Euros after play-offs. Estonia’s presence is a twist of fate.

Wales missed direct qualification but battles on in the play-offs. Their draw with Armenia dashed earlier hopes, now Finland stands in their way.

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Wales' Last-Ditch Effort

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Wales and Finland vie for a Euro spot. Both played in the last championship, so one will miss out this time.

Ukraine, favored in the B League, faces Bosnia. Despite Bosnia’s shaky form, Ukraine aims to secure their Euro ticket.

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Ukraine's Strong  Play-Offs Position

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Israel faces Iceland with high hopes for their first Euro berth, despite the challenges of war.

Greece, past champions, faces Kazakhstan. While no longer the 2004 giants, Greece still aims to seize a spot in the Euros!

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Greece's  Favorable Odds