UEFA Euro 2024: Teams Bound for Glory

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Germany, hosting the Euros, eyes its 14th appearance. Past champions thrice, they're determined for a triumphant comeback.

With only three Euro appearances, Austria gears up under coach Ralf Rangnick, securing a spot in Germany. Can they surprise the competition?

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Belgium, led by Domenico Tedesco, aims for Euro success. Their young talents, hungry for victory, seek to surpass past quarter-final exits.

England, on the rise, eyes its 11th Euro appearance. Fresh from victory against Italy, they're poised to chase the title, eager for redemption.

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France, with two Euro titles, hungers for another. Fans await their performance under Deschamps' guidance.

Portugal, Euro 2016 champions, boast Ronaldo's prowess. Led by Roberto Martinez, they seek to replicate past glory with a strong qualification run.

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Scotland's unexpected journey continues with their fourth Euro appearance. Can they progress beyond the group stage this time? Fans are hopeful.

Spain, three-time Euro champions, sets sights on glory once more. Under Luis de la Fuente's guidance, they aim to reclaim their winning ways.

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Turkey, in their sixth Euro appearance, aims to surprise. Despite a tough group, they're ready to showcase their talents and make their mark.