UEFA Euro 2028 & 2032:  Hosts Revealed

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UEFA reveals hosts for Euro 2028 and 2032, promising thrilling football spectacles in Great Britain & Ireland, followed by Italy & Turkey.

The vibrant landscapes of Great Britain & Ireland will serve as the backdrop for Euro 2028, featuring matches across nine cities.

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Euro 2028: Great Britain & Ireland

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Iconic cities like London, Dublin, and Glasgow among others will host electrifying matches, culminating in the grand final at Wembley Stadium.

Several nations vied for the honor, but ultimately, Great Britain & Ireland clinched the opportunity to host Euro 2028, showcasing their football fervor.

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Competitive Bidding

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Euro 2028 marks England's third time hosting the tournament, building on the legacy of successful tournaments in 1996 and 2020. 

Italy and Turkey emerge as the hosts for Euro 2032, promising a fusion of rich footballing culture and historic venues.

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Euro 2032:  Italy & Turkey

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With 20 stadiums in consideration, Italy and Turkey will select 10 venues, ensuring an unparalleled footballing experience for fans.

As UEFA unveils the hosts for Euro 2028 and 2032, anticipation grows for these prestigious tournaments, promising unforgettable moments and fierce competitions on the pitch.

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