UEFA Youth League

The UEFA Youth League: Where Football Stars Are Forged

Born in 2013, The UEFA Youth League welcomes top-tier clubs from across the continent. It's the breeding ground for budding talents, where sports legends of tomorrow are nurtured

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A Format That Mirrors Greatness

The UEFA Youth League echoes the senior Champions League format: A group stage followed by knockout rounds. Top youth teams, under-19 players, compete. 32 teams form 8 groups, and the top 2 from each advance to knockouts.

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A Journey Through Time

The UEFA Youth League, born in 2013, met the need for European youth development. It's a stage for young talents to shine globally, gaining vital experience.

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The Price of Victory

UEFA Youth League offers lesser prize money than the senior version but still significant. In 2021-22, the winner got €1.5 million, the runner-up €750,000, plus a spot in the next UEFA Champions League group stage.

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The Stars That Shined Bright

The UEFA Youth League has been a star-making factory, producing some of European football's brightest talents. Names like Kylian Mbappe, Erling Haaland, and Mason Mount have graced the tournament and later ascended to stardom at the highest level.

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U21 Player Development: A Crucible of Skill

The UEFA Youth League shapes young players; a vital step towards a pro career. Clubs nurture talent and offer crucial game time. Beyond football, it cultivates teamwork, communication, and leadership skills.

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For Clubs: A Canvas for Brilliance

The UEFA Youth League benefits clubs by nurturing talent and boosting their academies. It's a global stage to showcase their brand and attract emerging talents worldwide.

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A Glimpse into the Future

The UEFA Youth League shines with a promising future. Its popularity and youth development recognition ensure it remains a platform for talent, skill honing, and shaping the sport's future.

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